Ricchezza's Weekly News

March 17-21, 2014

Three More Benchmarks!

Today starts a new benchmark; all work on your schedule between March 17 and March 28 is due before midnight on March 28. After this, there are only two more benchmarks - April 18 (spring break in the middle of that one - more on that farther down) and May 2. After that last one we just have the final/EOCT. Hang in there!

Any assignments from March 3-14 that you didn't turn in are late, and you're losing points. Here's what you probably saw in the feedback column, and it includes the late penalty schedule:

News and Notes

  • Turn in your work on time! There is no magic button at GaVS where you get a big pile of late work turned in around the beginning of May and your grade jumps up. I'm not allowed to take that stuff. There's only one way here - do the work on time and do a good job.
  • When making a project, I understand you are going to use reference sites. But regardless of what the assignment says, you must always include citations showing what you used! If it's a website give me a link. Google isn't a link, it's a way to find links. Google sends you somewhere, and that's what you list.
  • Almost no one is asking for help. I get some requests for things like study guides, but no one asks specific questions! If you don't understand something, please keep in mind that over a computer I can't tell the difference between confused and lazy unless you ask me a question. If you can't make the Wednesday sessions for whatever reason (church, job, practice, whatever) I can make alternate arrangements but you have to let me know.
  • All physical science students must take the EOCT this year regardless of where their schooling is centered (public, private, or home). Public students will take at their school at the same time as other students there sometime in late April or early May. Ask at school for details. Private and Homeschool students must complete the survey on "my home" and will be assigned a school to go to on May 6. Grades will not be released without an EOCT score!

Contact Your Teacher

Got a question? Confused? Don't keep those things secret! I'm here to help, but my skill as a mind reader is not as awesome as many seem to think it is. ASK ME!