Mrs. Gronseth's Class

Notes from Room 17

Love These Kids!

I can't believe we're coming up to Thanksgiving Break! As much as I will be enjoying time with my family and my husband, I know that I'll miss these kiddos. I tell the kids this all the time, but I really feel like I have the best class in the whole school. They make me happy to come to work! Thanks for sharing them with me! =)

Below you'll find pictures, information what we're learning, and some amazing videos that our class filmed and presented to Mrs. Linhart for our opinion writing unit. Be sure to check it out! You can find even more information on our class website.

What Have We Been Learning?

Math: We've finished our full multiplication unit, but we will continue to practice multiplication throughout the year, with partners, in small groups, and independently. We just started division today, and EVERYONE did a fantastic job. I'm so proud of these hard workers!

Be sure to keep practicing math facts at home - there are lots of fun, FREE apps that we use in class if you have a phone or tablet for your student to use. Some ideas: Math Ninja, Monster Math, Math Splash Bingo, Math vs. Zombies, and of course they can use MobyMax and SumDog at home on their computers as well.

Reading: We are continuing to have some amazing book clubs. The discussions that I hear each day with the students' groups are phenomenal. They have grown so much as readers and thinkers this year!

The reading skill that we're focusing on right now is questioning. We ask questions as we read to make sure we're understanding what we've read, and to think more deeply about what we're reading. We read a wonderful story today called The Emperor and the Kite, and the students did such a fantastic job of wondering, questioning, and thinking deeper.

Science: We have been so lucky to have some wonderful science kits this year! The third grade kit focuses on water & climate, and students have enjoyed experimenting and testing hypotheses.

Writing: To kick off our opinion writing unit, students in room 17 have been writing about why they should get to take another field trip this year! They wrote about how field trips can help students learn and filmed a video to convince Mrs. Linhart. They also considered the other side: why might we not get to take 2 field trips this year? The students decided that it might be too expensive. So they came up with some ideas to earn money! The videos are embedded below, and are only viewable by those with a link (NOT public).

Opinion Writing: Consider Your Audience

Opinion Writing Audience

Opinion Writing: Consider the Other Sides of an Issue

Opinion Writing The Other Side

Important Dates

  • Next Math CFA: the week of December 7
  • Next SRI: the week of December 7
  • Quarter 2 Math Fact Tests: the week of December 14 (addition and subtraction)
  • Winter Party: December 17
  • Last Day: December 18 (We'll be having a pajama party and watching a movie!)