Mrs. Ring's Weekly Update

West Harrison Principal

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Failure is a GOOD Thing!

Hello Hawkeye family! Next Monday will mark our ELEVENTH day of school. Do you know what this means? It means the honeymoon is over! Your students should be starting to get out of the classroom procedures and last year's review stage and into the new learning stage of the school year. Be may see their frustration and stress levels rise accordingly.

As this happens, continue to work on fostering a growth mindset on the home front. With a growth mindset, we view failure and mistakes as an opportunity for learning. Think about the last time you tried something new (like your kid does every day, learning at school). 9 times out of 10, we fail on the first, second, third, attempt. Remind your teen that their math homework is new to them and it will take time and practice to get it right. We learn so much more from failure than from success. Keep moving forward and focus on the journey!

Here are some growth mindset conversation starters you can use, instead of just asking "How was your day?" We all know the typical teen response is "Fine." Hopefully, these questions will be the beginning of a great conversation about the power of seeing failure as a positive.

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First Period Attendance Policy Clarification

I wanted to clarify that the first period absence policy, included in last week's newsletter, is in regard to absences and NOT tardies. I made the error of saying it included tardies as well. Apologies! Still, we want our students at school on time, regardless!
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Student Expectations: Health

I'm going to try to include some explanation on some of our behavior expectations in the weekly newsletter, in the hopes of ensuring parents/guardians and the staff at school are all on the same page and consistent in our joint approach.

I'm just wanting to point out some issues that have popped up over the course of the week and I know parents would like to know the school expectation side of things.