Why Federalist?

An article brought to you by Freedom

By: Annalissa Lane and Ben Lamparek

As the next election comes closer, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between the Federalist Party and their opponent, the Democratic-Republican Party. The major difference is that the Federalists are concerned about your well-being, and the Republicans are more worried about keeping everybody happy. The Federalist Party is proud to tell you exactly why we make our decisions, while our opponent is full of secrets.

First, we’ll start out with Thomas Jefferson. He claims to be a Republican, but can we really trust him? He resigned as Secretary of State under Washington because he was “unhappy with the office”, yet, here he is again, trying to get back into the office he vacated. What was the reason for vacating office? Why do the Republicans trust France, when they have been continually fighting us? Why do they want us to have a weak government, when we’ve already seen how much it can hurt us? So many questions, so little answers.

John Adams, the Federalist candidate, has been an ambassador to both France and Great Britain, in order to understand both countries that we are having conflicts with. He also helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolution. Mr.Adams understands the needs of America, and the needs of you. He knows that war with France will only hurt us in the future! We are still a young country, he says, war could hurt us beyond repair at this point.

The Federalist Party believes that, in order to make sure everyone has a choice in government, representative government is the best choice for our nation. It assures that all Americans are involved in government. We are also involved in implied powers, which are powers that the Constitution doesn’t explicitly say, but are covered in the “Necessary and Proper” clause. The times are always changing, and so should our actions.

The Democratic-Republican Party is always looking for ways to justify their secretive ways, but the Federalists are working for you. Vote John Adams, proud Federalist, for President. Unity is strength.

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