Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

By: Sam M.


Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief is a great book that is full of funny and deep descriptions of real places and sneaks in interesting information about ancient greece and it 's beliefs.


Percy Jackson is a normal kid. Or so he thinks. One day clears his head of the fog that has been keeping him hidden from existence his whole life, and becomes what he was born to be. A demigod. The night he travels to his new home (Camp Half-Blood), he loses his mother to the legendary minotaur. When he is sent on a quest with his new friends Annabeth and Grover, to find the stolen lightning bolt, they find many hardships along the way. When he returns Zeus's lightning bolt to the king of the gods himself, he loses what mattered most in the end.


1. The Lightning Thief

2. Sea Of Monsters

3. Titans Curse

4. Battle Of The Labyrinth

5. Last Olympian

Heros Of Olympus:

1. The Lost Hero

2. Son Of Neptune

3. Mark Of Athena

4. House Of Hades
5. Blood Of Olympus

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Movies so far that have been made based on the Percy Jackson series are:
The Lightning Thief

Sea Of Monsters