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Training Hub #1

Welcome to the TEAM!

Congratulations on starting your own business with Arbonne!

It's Your Time to Flourish - Brand Video

A little about how the business works


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Become a product of the product: Nutrition, Skin Care, COSMETICS

It's time to "Arbonnize" your entire home! Click here to learn about all the benefits of being a Consultant.

Know that you have the power and ability with this opportunity to create an income in, and around the life you already have! YOU decide how much you want to earn, and we help you to create a blueprint of what it will take to realize your dreams!

When your goals match your effort, AMAZING things can happen! YOU can create your own net worth!!

Here is your New Business Plan and blueprint to success!

We are so excited to have you joining us, WELCOME!


Simple steps to success by sharing the story of health and wealth!

We are going to announce the start of your business on social media!!!

Your sponsor or VP upline will help you to craft an announcement that is unique and authentic! Here are a couple of examples, but you might have caught the vision without trying the products or maybe you fell in love with the skincare or nutrition, we will make your announcement YOURS!

I highly highly recommend starting your journey by jumping into the Clean Eating Challenge! It will fuel your belief in the products and in our program! This

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STEP 3: Your WHY!

Get really clear on WHY you are starting your business. It doesn't have to be a big earth shattering goal to begin with, but knowing exactly what you want from this business will help get you excited and keep your head in the game! Plus, it will help your upline partner with YOU to reach YOUR personal goals!

Then once you are clear on your WHY, with the help of your upline start crafting your "story" so that when you are sharing Arbonne, you can truly share WHO YOU are and WHY you have started your own business! We have found that when you have your story down pat, you go into your conversations and presentations with so much more confidence! You'll be able to speak with belief and conviction!

BELIEF has a sound!

Create your "I story" for your presentations, this ties into your WHY

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STEP 4: 100 Person name list

Think about if you were getting married tomorrow, who would you invite? Who do you work with? We ALL know AT LEAST 100 people, this list will help "jog" your memory.

CREATE YOUR 100 PERSON LIST Put everyone you can think of on this list - both LOCAL and GLOBAL!


You have to get and stay PLUGGED IN, if you are going to create success in this business!

It's VITAL for the health of your business and YOUR team's success to plug into the system that YOUR UPLINE uses for success, resources and local events!

Just like your cell phone, YOU need to be charged and recharged, and being connected to your team MATTERS!

Below are some of the virtual tools we use!

Our team Facebook group "The Circle of Success" has our meeting schedule as well as our upcoming Clean Eating challenges, monthly events and recognition etc. under "Announcements" on the left side of the page!

Please take a quick peek at each one of these groups to make sure you know how to find them!

Important Facebook pages for you to join!

Go for Gold with Donna Johnson FB page

Go for Gold Independent Consultant training with Independent Exec. NVP Donna Johnson

Leadership Forum Pop-Up Facebook Live. Each pop-up will be announced 24 hours in advance.

There are no guarantees. The success of each consultant is dependent on their own efforts. For more earnings details go to

Download this app and ask the person who brought you into the business to add you to our team link

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All done? Time to move to your next training Hub #2!