Material Safety and Data Sheet


Basic Information

Symbol: Is

Atomic mass: 61kg

Discovered by: Mr. and Mrs. Soberanes


  • Rich deposits found outdoors on soccer field.
  • Low deposits found watching TV.

Physical Properties

  • Surface color is dark brown, black hair, and dark brown eyes.
  • Boils when teacher gives an exceeding amount of homework.
  • Melts when there is little or no homework to be done.
  • Can cause anger when plans are changed constantly.

Specimen can be found in various states:

  • Happy when soccer season starts.
  • Scared when having to walk long distances alone at night.
  • Angry when indoors a lot.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by dirty shoes, clothes, etc.
  • Is attracted to places of fun and excitement ex: amusement parks, fairs, sixflags, and more.
  • May explode if tv is too loud when working on something, siblings trying to do my homework or mess with projects.
  • Requires copious amounts of time outdoors, time with friends, and family.
  • Is inert if physically hurt.
  • Is impervious to lies.