The Family Feast

something the whole family will love

A Great Family Hangout

The Family Feast is a restaurant for the whole family. With arcade games and great food The Family Feast is assured to satisfy your family's needs. Food is served single or family style and and the kids have a wider menu so they won't have to pick from only burgers and nuggets. The whole family is welcome here!

Three Great Menu Items

Above, we have our creamy mac and cheese made with fresh pasta and breadcrumbs.our ice cream sundae has the creamiest ice cream and the richest chocolate. it is topped with a fresh cherry and whipped cream. Also, our burger is made with delicios bef and freshed cheese topped with fresh veggies and freshly baked buns!

Family Feast Hours

Monday-Friday: 11:00-8:30                                                             Sat-Sun: 10:30-9:30
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