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Premium Choice, situated in Encino, California.

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About us:

Premium Choice, situated in Encino, California, is a rapidly growing firm with a diverse product line. Premium Choice is dedicated to offering excellent service and hospitality to our consumers while supporting them in acquiring inexpensive and dependable insurance. We are a tele sales company that specializes in life and health insurance. The assistance we provide to our clients allows them to uncover more cost-effective alternatives, thereby saving them both time and money.

With the help of our experienced and competent personnel, we have formed an exceptional team that strives to meet the demands of our clients. We don't accept mediocrity as an acceptable standard. Educating our clients, delivering the greatest rate, and enhancing the success of our personnel are all things that we strive to achieve in all we do. We are fueled by this passion for what we do, which fuels our devotion and human compassion. Premium Choice is committed to the personal and professional success of all of its team members.

Considering the fact that our people are the heartbeat of the company and are vital to its long-term development, we believe that they are the most important resource. Our goal is to assist our associates in establishing long-term careers within Premium Choice, in addition to maintaining a high level of employee retention. As an agent, you could be in charge of the following tasks:

Explain the pros and disadvantages of a number of health and life insurance programs, including Medicare, and how they differ from one another. People are being educated about health and life insurance, and they are being enrolled in the best programs available.

Because they are incredibly skilled, courteous, and trustworthy, the people at Premium Choice encourage you to push yourself and progress. As a professional who cares about his consumers and who is willing to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding service, we want to hear from you.

Our Sales Team is Available to Assist You at a Distance! We are a thriving insurance firm in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. By the end of the year, we hope to have 1000 agents working from their homes throughout the world. When it comes to finding policies that are both reasonable and dependable, we are experts in the field. Our representatives must be trustworthy and honest in their dealings with us.

When the majority of the marketing and administrative responsibilities are transferred to others at Insure Choice, we've discovered that top producers perform even better. By selling insurance over the phone, an agent can demonstrate the level of productivity that a TOP PRODUCER can achieve.

We feel that there is no other organization in the life insurance vertical that can match what we offer to independent insurance agents. It is our commitment to assist our agents in accomplishing their objectives while providing the highest level of client care possible!

Learning and development are two important aspects of life. Unending possibilities for professional development are available to you, including cutting-edge training and coaching to aid you in your efforts to learn and improve. We have a lot of influence. Daily. Clients feel safe, appreciated, and respected as a result of our work.

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