By: Alberto Ramos

World Geography

11/ 06/ 14

Come to Panama

Hola my friends come with us to Panama, here you can visit our wonderful beach Las Perlas Archipelago with its amazing calm-water conditions, and its beautiful natural environment. We have endless fun in our fiestas on Independence day on November 28 and you can become part of the celebration on our march. Don't forget to eat our delicious traditional foods like the Panamanian cuisine and the story behind of this amazing work of art.


In Panama our main religion is Roman Catholic

Most of our people are Roman Catholic, in which we believe in God and his interest in individual human beings, who can enter into relations with Him (through prayer) His son Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary (Jesus Christ's mother) and in other Saints.


The official language of Panama is Spanish

We say "Hola" (oh-la) to say hello in Panama

on the picture on the left side it says "Yo hablo espanol " with means "I speak Spanish" in English


The three major ethic groups in Panama are Mestizos, Europeans, and Amerindians.

Customs/ Traditions

One of the holidays of panama is the independence of Panama in November 28 .

The Tamborito is a traditional folkloric dance that comes from a mix of Hispanic and African traditional dances.

Panamanian cuisine is a traditional food made of African, Spanish, and Native American technique dishes and ingredients


Some of the jobs in Panama people do for living is as a Jungle Farmer, Regional Sales Manager, and as Customer Service Representative

Holidays/ Festivals

Flag day: In Panama they celebrate Flag day, they celebrate it because on November 3, 1925 is when they declared independence from Columbia and adopted their flag on November 4, 1925

Flag day is celebrated on November the 4th

Welcome to Panama