We Have Taste Buds in Our Throat?

Do we... or do we not?

What others say...

On www.thenakedscientists.com, it says you can usually get the most flavor of a food or drink when it gets in your throat. Is that because of taste buds, or is it just the strong flavor?

My Research

Yesterday I did an expirement where I got some milk and some crackers, and payed attention to see where the taste really hit me. It was in my throat. you cannot taste, without taste buds, and if the taste is the strongest in the throat, you have to have taste buds in your throat. Its not pleasent to think about, but it is most likely true.

My conclusion

Due to a lot of research and a expirement, I have concluded that you truly have taste buds in your throat. Some people may agree, some may not. This is all my opinion.


Here are some random facts about taste buds you probably did not know-

1.You can't see your taste buds.

The little bumps you see when you open you're mouth are not taste buds, they are fungiform papillae.

2.Not everyone has the same amount of taste buds in their mouth.

People can have up to 2,000 to 10,000. Those who have 10,000 taste buds are known as "Super Tasters".

3.Taste and flavor are not the same thing.

Taste is what you're taste buds pick up, sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Flavor is a combination of taste and smell.

4.Taste buds are designed to keep you alive.

Taste buds are designed to tell your brain what and what not to swallow. Therefor keeping you from choking.

5.Taste buds always regenerate.

Taste buds are like humans, they live and die. But when taste buds die, more grow in. But even though you get older, this process never ends. "Which is why taste does not diminish with age."

I got all these facts from Womansday.com