Finns Term Three Goals


In term 2 my focus in literacy was working on my comprehension and getting at my age level and above. I have achieved this by starting to read books out of my comfort zone EG: The Cherub Series. I was reading most nights and at school and me and my family all have noticed this improvement.


For maths I wanted to keep up on what i achieved at the end of last year, and so far i have kept this up. On mathletics the tasks miss Herbert has assigned each week has been helpful, as i use mathletics most night also my basic facts knowledge has been improving.

Aspire (Independent)

Independence is a key area i need to work on i am halfway on nailing this goal. I know that i could do more to help and not to be asked to do things, and these are the main points i could work more on. I have been trying my best to help out at home, and another example was that i thought i was a pretty great host for the Japanese billets that stayed with me.