Digital Citizenship

The Nine Elements

By Mia Jerphagnon

Learn More About the Nine Elements

Here is some more information on the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship.

1. Digital Access

Some people do not have access to technology. Be aware and include people, and make sure you do not exclude them. No one should be denied because they do not have access.

2. Digital Commerce

On the internet, you can buy and sell. To be a great digital citizen, you must be aware that there are illegal and immoral ways to buy and sell on the internet. There are many scams and illegal movies, etc.

3. Digital Communication

Now, people can communicate using technology. We can communicate using email, text, phone, whatsapp, etc. But one must make the right decisions when communicating. Don't accept any follow requests if you don't know who they are. Also, if you don't want your dear old Grammy to see what you send, DON'T TYPE it!

4. Digital Literacy

One must learn how to use technology throughout their daily lives. Technology is used for learning in class and for several types of businesses.

5. Digital Etiquette

Be responsible when using technology. You need to understand that there is a conduct of using the internet and what you say. Be polite too.

6. Digital Law

You need to respect that there are laws for using the internet including copyright and plagiarism. Learn what the rules are and how to follow them.

7. Digital Rights and Responsiblites

Everyone has rights on the internet. Freedom of speech and right of privacy, etc. While respecting these rights, there is also more responsibility. Responsibility and rights must work together.

8. Digital Heath and Wellness

When staring at a screen and using computers, you can damage your eyes and you can get headaches. Make sure you limit your time on electronics. Also while walking to school or other places, listening to music and texting your friends, you become distracted, and that can lead to drastic results. Even if you only wear one earbud, it still distracts you. NO EXCUSES!!!!

9. Digital Security

Especially while buying online, your identity and private data can be breached, resulting in someone else using your credit card, etc. Also, as a kid, don't share ANY personal information with anyone online, especially someone you don' t know. If I had to tell someone my birthday, I would tell them in person if I have to.
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