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Welcome to the 1st of many class newsletters!

Hello Parents,

These newsletters will be sent out periodically to keep you up to date with what we are doing in science class. I'm sure when most of you ask your children how school was you get the generic "it was fine" response, very in depth I realize. Included in this newsletter will be what we are currently doing in class, different ways you can access information, assignments, and homework so that you can help your children stay on task with school work.

What's happening in class?

Module 2

This past week students started Module 2 for the space unit. Module 2 consists of part 4, 5, and 6 in their unit packet and covers topics such as Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, Comets, Meteor impacts on Earth, Rogue planets, satellites and Moon cycles. In class we have been discussing many current events in the news related to space including Meteors that have buzzed by Earth in the past two weeks, the possibility of meteor impacts, the dangers of space junk, and space travel. We have also been watching clips from the Chelyabinsk Meteor strike in Russia last year. Recently students also watched October Sky in class showing students the origination of the rocket program and challenges that Homer Hickam faced as a coal miner's son on his quest to work for NASA. There are links on the Blackboard site to explore concepts from the movie further.

Module 2 Projects DUE DATE!!!

Friday, March 21st, 2:30pm

Ballston Ave

Ballston Spa, NY

Projects due next Friday for Module 2.

Changes to Vodcasts

Just to let everyone know, for this unit the format of the Vodcasts has changed. Instead of students using Vodcasts to copy down their class notes, they are being used as a way to review the modules we are doing in class. Students will be completing review questions based on the vodcast instead to review for their quiz. Class notes come from the Unit Packet students received in class.

WebLinks of Interest!

BlackBoard Online classroom

Use the following to log in.... User: science8 Password: science8 Click on the science 8 classlink on the right side of the page.

Reminder 101

Enter the phone number (518) 539-7974 Text: @mrgargano1, @mrgargano2, @mrgargano5, @mrgargano6, or @mrgargano7 to subscribe to the homework listing service depending on your child's class section.


Watch LIVE from the International Space station as the astronauts give you a full live tour around the planet from their point of view!

NASA ISS Tracker Link

See the Space station fly overhead. This site allows you to track when you can see it based on your location.

Mr. Gargano

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