Is this too many sheep?

John is stuck with 6,000 sheep,but is it too hard for 1 boy?

One of John's sheep just got injured!

The first day out in the Haymeadow, John Barron wakes up to find a rattlesnake trying to hurt one of the lambs! John is trying his hardest to get the venom out of the lamb's body. The lamb is in danger, how will Barron do it? He's only 14, in this big valley, and is trying to cut open a lamb to get snake venom out of it's body. Let's go to the scene now.
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He's only fourteen!

Why on Earth would this boy choose this hard off a job? Well, John Barron the 1st did it when he was 15. But, that was at a different time period.. so that makes it completely different..