Mary Landrieu

Sentator of Louisiana


-Ursaline Academy (private Catholic girls high school)

-student body president

-BA in Sociology

-Louisiana State University


-married to Attorney-developer Frank Snellings

-Two adopted children, Connor and Mary Shannon

Mary's views

-passionate champion of education, and worked to create and pass the No Child Left Behind Act

-Conservative Democrat

-liberal on some issues, strinkly centrist on others

-strong pro-civil and pro-gay rights record

-support for expanison of U.S. oil drilling and for her money pro-business stances. her record is viewed as mediocre on developing U.S. energy independence on and on pro-enviromental issuses

KeyStone Pipeline

- safest and most advanced pipeline operation in North America. It will not only bring essential infrastructure to North American oil producers, but it will also provide jobs, long-term energy independence and an economic boost to Americans.

- important part of energy security for our neighborhood. Energy security that is sensitive to our environment, mindful of the importance of clean air and water, but a pipeline that can give us the jobs and economic opportunity for our neighborhood. (Landrieu meets with Canadian leader on KeyStone Pipeline)

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