Unit 6 project

WOWS Team 5

Financial Stages of Life

What should they know if they get a job, a bank account and a credit and/or debit card?

Wen ever a teenager gets a new job they should be aware of the salary and company policies, also all the requirements in order to get the pay check into their accounts, most of the companies now on days are using direct deposit, therefore we need a bank account to get our money deposited to. A bank account is a safe place where you can keep your money it will be insured and there is no risk of loosing it, work like any other account, will be under your name and personal information like social security number and others. being a member of a bank or a credit union will help you in the process of getting a credit card, the bank or credit union could look into you income and since your a member the procedure will be much more easier. when applying for a credit card you should be aware of all the charges, interest rates, minimum monthly payment, and fees you might be subject to when you get approved.

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