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September 6, 2019 - Week 4

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Putting Down the Tech

Most of us today use tech a whole lot! We use it for work, to organize our lives, and for entertainment. We love our tech! But technology has its limits. Tech can't make deep interpersonal connections. It can't look your child in the eye and have an honest conversation. And it can't build confidence in a friendship.

But technology can do somethings. It can addict us. It can allow us to post things that are mean and horrible quickly and anonymously. It can divide us. It can offer us resources based on lies and deception.

(And then there are the good things that technology can do, too, but that is not the purpose of this note.)

Here are 7 things you can do with your child that will make a difference in their use (or overuse) of technology:

  1. Be the model. It starts with us putting away our technology for extended periods of time to talk, snuggle, scratch backs, eat together, read together, and play together. We, as the adults, have to consciously make a goal to put away our technology and be present with our children. If we don't, they will follow our lead.
  2. Create a specific tech-free time. At our house, technology is not allowed at the dinner table... and we take our time with dinner. You can watch a show together and laugh and talk about what you have seen or learn. Go outside, tech-free, and connect with your child and the earth.
  3. Don't let your child keep technology in their rooms at night. We make our kids, until they go to college, store technology in our bedroom at night. At 10:00 PM my son plugs in his phone and iPad and takes time to relax before bed. Research clearly shows that kids who have technology in their room lack sleep and have higher anxiety.
  4. Just say no. If tech causes drama in your child's life, remove it. It may be painful, and there will be tears, but the pay-off is huge. Help your child reconnect with friends and family in new ways.
  5. Talk to your child about technology. What are good things they see? What are bad things they see? How do they act on technology? Would they be proud to let you see anything and everything they post?
  6. Monitor your child's technology use. There are plenty of apps that can help you do that.
  7. If your child does have a technology addiction problem, seek help. There are skilled therapists and counselors in our area that support technology addiction.

Technology certainly can have some positive impacts on our society, but many of the negative issues impact our adolescents greater than adults. It is our job as parents to monitor-support-reduce-eliminate-manage-facilitate-and-mitigate those negative impacts on our kids. It is hard work but will make a great difference in your child's life.

I appreciate the hard work you do for your child. Being a parent is tough today and I appreciate your insights and efforts!


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This is really big news!!!

Saint Helping Hawks has started! Students will have an opportunity to receive help on homework/projects… EVERY Tuesday and Thursday… EVERY week.

We meet in the LRC from 3:35 until 4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Mrs. Notter and Ms. Parikh facilitate this after school activity. They support high school tutors in whatever work students need. We provide snacks or students may bring a light, neat after school snack from home.

Students are invited and encouraged to attend at least one session each week for help with homework and projects.

After studying, bus transportation to a nearby elementary school will be available. The bus will stop at the stops listed on the Activity Bus Schedule. Let us know if there is a concern. We hope this transportation will be helpful for those parents who are still at work and cannot pick up their student at Wredling at 4:30.

CLICK HERE for the registration form!

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Can You Help Us Out?

Each year in October we do our one big PTO fundraiser: PapaNicholas Coffee and our Write-a-Check Campaign. Our PTO is looking for someone who works for a company who may be able to print 1800 of our double-sided, glossy brochure- hopefully for free or a great discount.

If you know of someone, please contact Brenda Szerlong at brendaszerlong@gmail.com


Please do not enter the front circle from 7:30-8:45 AM and from 3:00-4:00 PM. These times are reserved for bus traffic and we will only allow busses during these times. We appreciate your support as we work to keep your children safe.

If you are here for a quick moment between the hours of 8:45 AM and 3:00 PM, you are welcome to pull into the circle. Be sure NOT to park along the yellow curb as this is our fire lane. You are welcome to park on the opposite side to pop in to drop off something/sign out your student.

Crossing Guard Update

As of today, we are still looking to widen our pool of candidates for a crossing guard on Dunham Road. Go to this website and search for "crossing guard". If you know of anyone who may be interested, please refer them to this site!

Hours: 7:40-8:30 AM AND 3:15-4:00 PM

Pay Rate: $35 per day


Find a club to join!

Our Builders Club Will Be Sponsoring Market Day!

The #1 Market Day favorite was their perfect size, hand-trimmed, individual packed, chickNSteakes (this is their fancy name not a terrible spelling issue!). This is a pre-sale to get us quickly moving along and familiarizing our families to the site, and start quickly on our year fundraising! They have created bundles that will ship for free to your home! All bundles are free shipping. Order Today www.MarketDay.com.

Click on the flyer below to go to interactive document!

Care To Donate

Wredling is Starting a Fishing Club! Do you have some fishing gear you would like to donate? An old tackle box or a fishing rod? Drop them off to Mr. Zentner at Wredling. Thank you!
Wredling Activity Calendar

We are still adding dates!

SEL - Social Emotional Learning

We will regularly feature our Social Emotional Learning information in our Friday Forecast.
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Why do we use it at school?

Research has shown many benefits of the RULER curriculum including:
  • Students using RULER have better academic performance
  • RULER increases emotional intelligence and social skills
  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Improves school climate
  • Students using RULER are less likely to bully other students
  • Students using RULER have better leadership skills and attention
  • Teachers have better relationships with students, less burnout, better relationships with administrators, and are more positive about teaching
Wredling PTO Website

Pay your dues or sign up to volunteer

An event is only as great as our parent volunteers!

Sign up to help be a part of the fun! Click on the below link.

Color Run Parent Volunteer Sign Up

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Register for this Year's Color Run!

Click the link below for more information and register for the Color Run


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Sign Up for Parent University

September 23, 2019
Viewing of the Documentary "LIKE"
Norris Cultural Arts Center
6:30 p.m.

October 30, 2019
Digital Citizenship
Thompson Middle School Cafeteria
6:30-8:00 p.m.


Community Events & Information

September 7, 2019 - Fox Mill 5K & 1-Mile Color Run/Walk Honoring Kayla Lehmann

Please join us for the Fox Mill 5K & 1-Mile Color Run/Walk on September 7, 2019 honoring Kayla Lehmann. Kayla, who passed away on April 7, 2018, was a St. Charles East freshman who was passionate about music while also being an avid reader and gifted writer. Proceeds from this year's race will benefit Kayla's Hope (www.kaylashope.org), a foundation that seeks to take away the stigma of depression and mental illness so that no one has to suffer in silence. For more information, to register, or to make a donation, please visit www.foxmill5k.com.

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