Was it Worth it

By: Cooper McAden

People always say money can’t buy you happiness, but that was probably just written by some poor guy trying to make himself feel better about not being wealthy but what can people lose during their hunt for their dreams of infinite amounts of money or love or whatever it may be? To find out we need to look at some examples.
The documentary Inside Job uncovered the corruption that was occurring during the stock market crash in the mid to late 2000’s with the banks and ratings companies. These banks including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and so on, gave out extremely low rates to people looking for loans to buy houses that had either terrible credit or no credit at all. The banks would then bet against them keeping the house while the rates jacked out to a point where the people wouldn’t be able to afford them so the banks would seize the property and liquidate them and make money hand over fist. To entice the people even more to buy these loans, they had the rating companies give these extremely risky plans extremely high ratings so people would feel comfortable buying these loans while they pocketed money from the banks. So what did these people lose? Their reputation.
In the book The Great Gasby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gasby’s dream was to be with Daisy. Daisy was what we call now a “gold digger”, her main quality she sought after in a man was how many commas he had in his bank account. Gasby after meeting Daisy for the first time, fell in love and would stop at nothing to have her. He knew that thing he needed to have was money. He then left Daisy and went on a mission to gain as many riches as he could possibly have to make himself worthy to Daisy. After finally acquiring as much money as almost anyone could possible have he took a second swing at her. At the time she was married but that didn’t stop him and he won her over. After they pronounced their love for eachother to Daisy’s husband they left together. Daisy wanted to drive to get her mind off what she had done so she drove blind with only that on her mind and not the driving. Daisy ended up hitting an innocent woman on their ride back. Gatsby took the blame. The woman's husband found out and shot him. So what did Gatsby lose to be with Daisy? His life and his reputation.
An article titled Facebook/Zuckerberg's Greed, Violating Trust, and the coming Privacy Crisis by Mitchell Ashley discussed how Mark Zuckerberg, one of the co founders of Facebook, also found himself money crazed and therefore changed one of the greatest creations of the 21st century that no customer wanted. At first Facebook stated in their user agreement that they “didn't have rights to user's contents” but went back on it and now have full rights to user’s content. They did this because companies could offer them money for this information. It was perfectly legal to do this since it is the agreement that everyone has to agree to but should they?
Gasby, the big banks during the economic crash and ratings companies of the banks, and Zuckerberg all demonstrate how their hunt for their dream whether it be an excess of money, or a girl, cost them their reputation. The Wall Street Banks that gave out the loans would have the weight of knowing that they played a large role in the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression as well as their customers not trusting them with their money. Some the rating companies that accepted money from the banks to give them good ratings on their loans are still are not trusted. Gasby was not only viewed as a killer but also lost his life. Zuckerberg although isn’t going to lose all of his customers or users because of giving out their information, he will have still lost a great deal of respect. All these dream chasers might have finally found and gotten what they wanted but they surely lost their reputation along the way so I would ask them and you, was it worth it?