By: Haley Adam

More Sugar Makes the World Go Round


People are putting more sugar and more flavoring in cupcakes. The frosting for the cupcakes are becoming sweeter as the bakers start using creamy buttercream frosting. The taste of the cupcakes are getting better and better. The demand for cupcakes is increasing with the new ingredients.

Cookies over Cupcakes

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According to a recent scientist, cupcakes are causing cancer. People are freaking out and everyone has stopped buying cupcakes. Since cupcakes are causing cancer, the rave for cookies have gone up drastically.

Coffee and Cupcakes?

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In a recent poll done, people voted that their favorite beverage to go with cupcakes is coffee. Coffee shops are starting to appear next to cupcake bakery's. The demand for coffee is rising as a complement.

Population is Growing and so is the Demand for Cupcakes


Friendswood's population is growing everyday. Rise cupcake store demand is more and more. They are having to make more cupcakes everyday as the population in Friendswood is growing.

Cupcake Prices on the Rise


With the demand for cupcakes rising, cupcakes stores are expecting the price of their cupcakes to rise within the next few weeks. Consumers are flocking to stores now to stock up on cupcakes, it is crazy out there!!