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"How are you preparing your students for the ELA section of the PARCC?"

NJ State testing dates:

PARCC (3-8) March 2, 2015 - March 27, 2015

PARCC (3-8) April 27, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

This initial publication of PARCC it Here is intended to review what we already know including Common Core instructional shifts, Common Core language, and the PARCC website. The most important "shift" that we can make to prepare our students for the PARCC is to align our instruction to the Common Core Standards.

Shift 1: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language

  1. PARCC builds a staircase of text complexity to ensure students are on track each year for college and career reading.
  2. PARCC rewards careful, close reading rather than racing through passages.
  3. PARCC systematically focuses on the words that matter most—not obscure vocabulary, but the academic language that pervades complex texts.

Shift 2: Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text, literary and informational

PARCC focuses on students rigorously citing evidence from texts throughout the assessment (including selected-response items).

PARCC includes questions with more than one right answer to allow students to generate a range of rich insights that are substantiated by evidence from text(s).

PARCC requires writing to sources rather than writing to de-contextualized expository prompts.

PARCC also includes rigorous expectations for narrative writing, including accuracy and precision in writing in later grades.

Press here for Achieve the Core - student work samples

Hundreds of samples of Common Core-aligned student work from K-12 classrooms around the country.

More Common Core Language

Using a common language helps all students.

Shift 3: Building knowledge through content rich nonfiction

PARCC assesses not just ELA but a full range of reading and writing across the disciplines of science and social studies.

PARCC simulates research on the assessment, including the comparison and synthesis of ideas across a range of informational sources.

See close reading of non-fiction text in action!

See close reading of non-fiction text in action!

Literacy in Other Disciplines

Click on this link to access PARCC sample questions and grade level rubrics!

Educator resources for the PARCC

Click on this link to access a variety of educator resources!

PARCC accessibility features and accommodations manual

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Because PARCC is completely computer-based, students will be required to type in their responses. Students will need to be proficient with their keyboarding skills, exhibiting both speed and accuracy. The following interactive, tech-enhanced resources may be used as reinforcement tools which will help students practice the keyboarding skills that they will need.