History of Disney!

Jodi Palmer

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Animations Steamboat Willie


1901-Walt Disney was born

1923-Start of The Walt Disney Company (originally called Walt Disney Productions)

1928-Steamboat Willie released (first movie featuring Mickey Mouse)

1930-Mickey Mouse comic stip released

1937-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released (first full-length Disney movie)

1939-Disney Studio moved from LA to Burbank

1949-Walt Disney Music Company began

1954-Disneyland tv show aired on ABC (emmy-winning)

1955-Disneyland opened

1966-Walt Disney died

1971-Walt Disney World Opened

1983-Tokyo Disneyland Opened

1983-Disney Channel began broadcasting

1992-Euro Disneyland opened (renamed Disneyland Paris)

1995-Disney bought ABC for $19 Million

Fun Facts

-Walt Disney was in the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps

-Walt Disney has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1 for Motion pictures, 1 for TV)

-The idea for Mickey Mouse came from mice in the old building which housed the first Disney studio

-Mickey Mouse was almost names Mortimer

-All Disney princesses are teenagers. The oldest specified age of a princess is Tiana (19)

-Ariel is the only Disney princess to have a child

-In the movie Hercules, he has Scar's skin (from Lion King)

-Disney was sued for the defamation of hyenas

-Despite the facts in the movie, Pocahontas was actually 11 when she met John Smith(28), and although she did save him they did not fall in love.

-Disneyland has closed a total of 3 times

-On 9/11 it took less than 30 minutes to evacuate thousands of guests from the parks

-Steve Jobs was Disney's largets single share holder(owing 7% and on the Board of Directors)

-President Nixon's famous speech (I Am Not A Crook) was given at Disneyland