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November 12, 2019

Dates to Remember

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The cold weather is here!

Please be sure that children come to school with the proper outdoor attire year round. This includes hats, mittens, snow pants, and boots in the winter. Children without snow pants and boots are not allowed to play on the playground during recess; they must stay on the hardtop walkway. Dressing in layers is best for changing weather conditions. The children play hard at recess and should wear appropriate shoes for climbing and running to avoid injuries. Please label all of your child’s clothing to decrease the amount of clothing that ends up in the Lost and Found.

With such variability in the weather, students do not always come to school with the proper outerwear. Please help your child have all the necessary clothing for cold and snowy weather. We try to send the students outside as much as possible. As a guideline, MRE will have indoor recess if the temperature is below 20 degrees or if there is heavy precipitation. Please make sure students have boots, a coat, gloves or mittens, snow pants and a hat for this winter. Students are not allowed to play in the snow without boots and snow pants. As students get older, they like to wear sweatshirts instead of jackets. With wind and snow, this is not considered a jacket.

Please talk with your child daily about what is appropriate to wear to school. Take into consideration that the predicted temperature is not assured and that the wind chill often drops that temperature by five to ten degrees. It does get particularly windy on the playground with very little to break the wind coming across the fields. With a 10 mph wind, a 45 degree day quickly becomes 33 degrees just above freezing. Many students want to wear shorts to express their independence and individuality. Please have thoughtful conversations with them each morning about what the wear. If the temperature is near 45 degrees and windy, let your child know that they may be asked to wear pants and a warm jacket out to recess. Decisions to keep the students inside for recess are made by Administration and the School Nurse using the “cold weather/wind chill chart” on a local web site.

Grades K, 1, & 2

  • Boots and snow pants must be worn on any surface with snow.

Grades 3, 4, & 5

  • Boots must be worn in the snow. In order to play in the snow, snow pants must also be worn. Anyone without the proper attire for his/her grade level must stay on the paved areas.

Specialist Updates


In Kindergarten we will read stories similar to the Three Little Pigs. We will read The Three Little Dinos, The Three Little Gators, and The Three Little Aliens. We will discuss how these three little heroes outsmart their predators.

In grade one we will read some gingerbread stories including The Library Gingerbread Man.

Grade 3 will read Fables by the author Arnold Lobel. We will discuss how these funny stories teach us a lesson.

Grade 4 continues to read books by the author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg. His writings and illustrations interest students and hopefully inspire their own work.

Grades 4 and 5 continue to use chromebooks to increase their library catalog skills

Grade 5 is halfway through our book about U. S. Presidents, Grover Cleveland Again. This non-fiction book is fun to read and contains a lot of interesting facts about our U. S. history.

Health with Mrs. Fredette

K Get up and Go!

· Importance of moving your body

· Heart and lungs

1st and 2nd Conflict Corner

· Advocacy

· Identifying emotions

· Conflict resolution strategy

3 Self-Esteem

· How you feel about yourself

· Focusing on strengths

4 Decision Making

· Analyzing influences in decision making

· Stop, Think, Go! Method

5 Decision Making

· Stop, Think, Go! Method

· Choices and Consequences in decision making



Echo Song Hello There, Rhythmically Moving steady beat game, Identifying high, middle and low pitches, Sing and perform "Engine Engine" on darbuka drums, rhyming song "Miss White Had a Fright", and new story song "Over in the Meadow"

Grade 2

Hello There solo singing, wrap up of duple rhythm workout: echo my pattern, dcode my pattern, perform "False Face" on darbuka. False Face game focusing on solo and group singing

Grade 3

Wrap up "My Old Black Cat" song, sing and perform xylophone ostinato with a steady beat. Continue reinforcement of letters of the treble clef staff, computer game Clef Notes, begin unit on the story/music of the Nutcracker

Grade 4

Reinforce music reading skills with computer game Clef Notes, reinforce counting music rhythms including quarter and eighth notes through bucket drumming. Read/count and perform various rhythms as a group

Grade 5

Reinforce music reading skills with computer game clef notes, continue counting rhythms including eighth notes and eighth rests and performing rhythms on bucket drums. Read/count and perform various rhythms as a group. Introducing new rhythm concept, dotted notes

Physical Education

K and 1: Sports Skills; We will be working on a variety of sports skills including dribbling, passing, catching, throwing, striking with hands and kicking.

2 and 3: Hand striking games; Grades 2 and 3 will be focusing on a variety of hand striking games including handball, tether ball, and 4 square, as well as practicing dribbling skills.

4 and 5: Volleying and dribbling games; We will be playing a variety of games that involve dribbling and volleying skills including basketball, volleyball, handball and spike-ball.


Happy November Everyone! We have decided to change the name of the Technology Lab to the Digital Learning Lab! Please check out my updated webpage for information, links, and lab schedule. Click this link : Mrs. A.’s Digital Learning Website

Here is what is happening in the lab:

Kindergarten: We are close to finishing our “Expert” articles where the students drew pictures and recorded their voices about something they are an expert on. As these are completing they are being uploaded into Seesaw. We have discovered a new program which promotes creativity and is awesome for mousing skills. Here is the link (it has also been added to the bottom of the K-2 MRE Website Link page) This is Sand

Grade 1: The students have been finishing their Summer and Fall pictures in Wixie and have started working on an alphabet chart finding images with the beginning sound of each letter in the alphabet. The students are learning how to add, resize and move images. This project is being done in Wixie and will be posted in Seesaw when it is complete.

Grade 2:The students are finishing their map pictures in Wixie and have been working on a Thanksgiving project in Seesaw. They will be moving onto a large project about the Continents also done in Wixie.

Grade 3 have been finishing their Seesaw “What sticks with me” sheet about Digital Citizenship and are moving onto research for their Pilgrim and Wampanoag Google Slideshow. They are using this great Scholastic website for their research: The First Thanksgiving

Grade 4. Grade 4 is continuing to learn about becoming Internet Awesome Digital Citizens (using Google’s Internet Awesome Curriculum). We have talked about how to be Internet Strong and Alert, Smart, Kind and Brave And we have been creating a book in Book Creator about these topics as well as doing additional projects on the same topics in Seesaw.

Grade 5 has been involved in virtual drone programming. Soon, we will be discussing Colony Collapse Disorder of Bees and how some scientists are looking into developing Robobees. This is our lead into our own simulation of using drones with hand made pollinators Please keep a look out as we will be needing volunteers in December in order to make this program a success. A Volunteerspot link will be sent in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we are running two week typing classes for Grade 4 and starting in late November and December we will start with Grade 3. Any regular typing practice you can do at home (about 10 minutes a day) will be appreciated and greatly impact their speed.


Kindergarten & Grade 1: Complete our designs from last month. Concepts:

  • Composition - thinking about my whole paper
  • Observing and welcoming differences
  • Observing and naming emotions and showing then in our art

Kindergarten book connection: "Where the Wild Things Are". We drew our own wild things showing emotions. K & Gr. 1 book connection: "When Sophie Gets Angry". We used mirrors to see what we look like expressing various emotions.

Grades 2 & 3: Complete our observation drawings of stuffed animals representing our families. Concepts:

  • Portraits - what makes a complete portrait?
  • Using symmetry and printing to complete a mask.

Grades 4 & 5: Concepts:

  • Using observation and shape relationships to draw what we see.
  • Combining imagination and color with above concepts to complete our drawings.
  • Complete our observation drawings from last month with imagination and color.

SEPAC - Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6:30-9pm

12 Green Road

Bolton, MA


Room 216

6:30-7:00 ELECTIONS


Elections: If you would like to run for an elected position, please prepare a brief statement as to why you believe you are a good candidate for the position. The Elections portion of the meeting is a voting meeting; therefore, voting will take place during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the current Interim co-chairs via email:

In the community...

Nashoba Drama Coloring Contest

All submissions should be turned in to the main office by the end of the day on Nov. 13th. Representatives will be picking up the submissions on Nov. 14th.

Printable coloring page link below:

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