Exploratory Wheel-Computers 6

March 24, 2014

Our New Computers!

As you know, we were lucky enough to receive new computers a few weeks ago! It has been a smooth transition and students seem to be enjoying much success in making gains in Reading Plus and Typing Web. I challenged all students to work hard to try to get to Level F (Grade 6) by FCAT time (April 14). Studies show that students who are on grade level do better on standardized tests. That being said, I always encourage students to just "do their best". I am seeing so much effort these days and have been excited to see students grow academically! We have quite a number of students reaching their own personal goals and it is wonderful to see! On Mondays and Tuesdays, I am offering after-school computer time to work on Reading Plus. I will give your child a snack and a little "down" time before starting on the program. We have a great group already, but we would welcome anyone else who would like to stay.

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

by Joshua Valan

What do we use for transportation? Most people would answer cars, trains, airplanes, vans and so on. What we do not realize is that cars, if not used properly could make us leave this planet we all know as home. Some people have come up with ideas that can save the economy, but ending up being more dangerous than the cars they were made to compete with. One example is the Tesla Company which most of you have never heard about, so I will give you a bit of history. The Tesla Company originated in 2003. It never won popularity until 2008 when is made its mini engine car (the tesla roadster) which was run by gasoline but used very little gasoline and the engine was very small, adding more room space. In 2013, Tesla made the Tesla Model S. It was worth $120,000 but was sold at a price of $80,000. This car was fully electric and looked nothing like a Porsche, its main competitor. Also, the place where all the controls were in a gasoline car was replaced by a large screen made by Apple just for that car. Of course, you can have the same controls you have in a gasoline car plus you can see how your car is doing (you can also play games!). But the Tesla Model S has major disadvantages- Disadvantages that can kill you! Earlier in the week of November, 7th 2013 the third Tesla model S blew up. The FBI says that debris hit the battery and that caused a fire. Since the car has no engine (the front looks like the trunk) it has no place to put the battery but on the bottom of the car. In the end, most people would probably prefer to use a regular gasoline car.

Technology Objective: PowerPoint 2010 Basics

1 - PowerPoint 2010 Crash Course

This Week's Web Picks....

Working with the CC Standards...


"Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other domain-specific words and phrases as they are used in a specific scientific or technical context relevant to grades 6-8 texts and topics."

This is an excellent video from the Teaching Channel that actually fits nicely with our class since it is a technology topic--Exploring the Concept of Online Privacy. Students in this middle school class learn about key terms as they relate to online privacy. As the children learn new terms and phrases, they are able to understand how those terms change meaning within the context of a technical subject.