May 2015 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

May Success Addendum!

I'm so sorry I forgot something SUPER important about May!

The Following ladies earned the SHINE teeshirt in May by selling $1500!!!

Anne Stevens

Sara Van Scyoc

Sabrina Kaufman

Sue O'Callaghan

Gillian Mathews

Kelli Robinson

Ria Zandier

Elyssa Sardy

Dana Heimann

Ceri Danziger

Meghann VanderBaan

Patricia Brennan

kim hardin

Marni Smith

Joanna Collins

Kristy Jones

Kelly Miller

Heather Jones

Victoria Byrd

meghan heuring

Gina Engel

Amanda Byrne

Natalie Gapinski

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Fun Booking & Sponsoring TRACKER

Here's a fun simple activity tracker you can print and track your outreach this week!!
I'm adding the PDF file to the "files" on this page &/or you can access it from this link:
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Kelli Robinson

Senior Director & Founding Leader
The Charming Dotties Stylist Team
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