Adrianne's 5 goals

Goals for school

My first goal for this semester is to work harder than i did last semester, so I can get all my credits to graduate on time. My second goal is to also stay after school to accomplished extra work. This will keep my grades up. I will join a club so that when I do finish school it will look great on my record for college. My third goal is to try to make my behavior great so that I can get a teacher recommendation, so that I will get into a great college. The fourth goal that Adrianne wants to exceed in doing things around our school to make it better. i will create a club that not only kids can join, but teachers. My every last goal is to just enjoy this year with my friends and work hard to pass high school with a great GPA so i can either go to Harvard University or New York University.

my goal

1. work hard for the semester

2.get more credits in school

3. change my behavior also to respect others

4. doing after school activitys

5. going to college

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