You have to be Strong

Caelyn Ward-Loffredo

Be Strong

My mom and dad had thought for 3 weeks in a row. Including cursing each other out and throwing things at each other and breaking movies and some furniture. Everytime they fought, my brother Declan, and I would hide in our rooms. I would always lock my door and try to be quiet. I always tried to listen what they were saying but I end up crying. I hated the yelling and the crashing and I didn't want my parents to separate. 5 months later my parents got divorced. Declan and I had to live with mom. We didn't want to move to a new town so we decided to live in an apartment not so far . We packed up all our stuff and moved into an apartment called Crooked Creek. I found some of my friends living in the apartments which kinda made me happy because I had no friends in my old neighborhood. I have lived in my new apartment for 2 weeks. I came home from school and mom was making a dinner. Declan was watching a movie and I was talking to my dad on the phone.