Five Mobile Apps

Useful Apps for K- 12

App #1 Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

It is a fun, age appropriate app for students to use. Students can use this app in a social studies class to present current events that are making headlines. Click here.

App #2 Journal Jar

This app can be used in Language-Arts, it is a fun way to engage students to write in their journals. They simply click on the app, give it a shake and they have a topic to write about. It is also great for those students that cannot think of what to write about. .

App # 3 Sock Puppets

This app allows students to present their stories in a more captivating way. It will also spark a lot more interest in Language-Arts, students would look forward to creating their own unique stories.

App # 4 Woices

Woices is an app that would allow students to document a location. For example, if you take your students on a field trip this apps allows them to record their voice and what they are learning.

App # 5 Videolicious

This is a great app for students, it allows them to create amazing video they can use in class. Students can use Videolicious to make skits for Language-Arts, do an experiment for Science, or create a news cast for Social studies. The possibilities are endless.