Alan Turing

By Charlie Tucker

His claim to fame

Alan created a machine known as the Bombe it would find out the millions of combinations from the German enigma code. If it could not find the code it would run forever, on a good day it could find codes in fifteen minutes.
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Early years

Alan was born on the 23rd of June 1912. His dad was a Indian civil serviceman he spent his early years in India,With his Mum and Dad. He was a only child.

University and College

He attended Cambridge University, and kings college in London.

In 1949, he went to Manchester University where he was in charge of the computing laboratory.

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The enigma machine

The Enigma Machine Explained

His suicidal actions

He killed himself because he was gay at that time, in that time being gay was illegal, they wouldn't let him be gay so he laced a apple in cyanide he did at a young age.