The Warrior Way

Week of October 12th

Conference Week! WOW!

We talked about this last week and now conference week is here. Thank you all for an amazing first quarter. I love hearing about the successes in your classroom and I am sure that your parents will as well. There are amazing things happening here everyday and this is your opportunity to share!

With that in mind I wanted to share a concept for conferences that was explained to me during my first year of teaching. Many of you may have heard of "sandwiching" when you have a discussion with parents. The basic idea is that when you start the conference you always start with something positive about that student. Following the positive you have the opportunity to talk about areas where the student has room to grow. This could be either behaviorally or academically. Following the discussion of where the student can grow you want to finish with another area that is positive for that student. That way you have "sandwiched" the more negative part of the conversation with positives. We want to give our families a realistic idea of where their child is during the school day but we also want parents to leave the conference knowing that we see the positive in every one of our students.

Proud to be a Warrior,


I've included a link below for staff members to leave two comments regarding Lucy so far and going forward. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts. There are lots of great things happening in our rooms each day and I am positive that each of you have things that when you share will help our other staff members. I appreciate you taking the time to collaborate through this tool.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning meetings:5th

Morning Announcements: Bromwich

Lunch count North: Post

Lunch count South: Waltman

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.

Keep it Up!

We stayed about 95% for yet another week at 95.19%! Attendance has been outstanding this year! Thank you!!
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Looking forward to a great week!

Monday October 12th:

Conference week begins!

Tuesday October 13th:

Jeff out 9-11-Admin meeting at CO

Jeff out 11-6-Dr. with Daughter(I plan to return to see how conferences went by hopefully no later than 6)

Conferences-3-7-Dinner provided-Walking tacos

Wednesday October 14th:

Greatness like every other day!

Thursday October 15th:

Conferences 3-7- Dinner provided-Stefanina's pizza,salad, cheesebread

Friday October16th:

No School! Enjoy the Fall Break!

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Highlight!!! Jessica Bathe!

"In the narrative unit, I was able to use Lucy's examples of her stories and just switch out pets and peoples names into my own. It help cut down my work load and the students responded very well. It is helpful that in both reading and writing, she is telling you what to say, but you will just naturally change it a little to make it sound comfortable for you.

"-Jessica Bathe

Mrs. Bathe does a great job of explaining the answer to questions that a number of staff members have had. Thank you Mrs. Bathe for diving in and making Lucy your own.



Just thought a really good song from a really funny movie might put a smile on your face!! I know that getting up each morning and coming to Winfield Intermediate puts a smile on mine!!!

Proud to be a Warrior!!!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)