Kaizen (改善) 1% Better Every Day!

Continuous Incremental Improvement

Shout Outs!!

A Big Shout Out to Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Chevallier and Mrs. Oster for helping out with Super Specials Schedule!! SSS would not happen with your support and assistance!

Shout Out to Mrs. Hardy for everything you do and for all of the unspoken things you deal with and take care of for our teachers, parents and students!!

Shout Out to Tami Rasberry from Penny for moderating the upcoming twitter chat @nisdchat on Sunday, September 28th (See related info below)

Shout Out to Nurse Amy!!! Thank you for all you do every day!!

Shout Outs from Kim Darden:

Shout out to my amazing 3rd grade team! They are supportive, flexible, willing to help at any moment, determined, caring, hard-working, and they make me laugh every day! Thank you to Gail for my beautiful flowers. They brightened my day! Thank you to Jennie Kibbel for the Paydays – you know I love them! Thank you to Jennifer Findley for modeling the problem solving block. Thank you to Cindy Bruce for creating awesome rubrics for ELA. Third grade rocks!

Shout Out to Kim Darden from Jennie Kibble – going above and beyond for her team and students.

Shout Outs to Mark Fisher from Tami Rasberry and Jennie Kibble – organizing the wonderful potluck and ensuring that everyone was well fed.

Shouts Outs from Kim Slack:

Thank you to Sharon Schmitz for my bag of Twizzlers on Tuesday to help me get through a long day! Thank you to Penny and Mary for your support with some of my students! (Really all of them, but more specifically a few right now.) Thank you to my amazing, supportive 4th grade team for always being there for the great and rougher times! I am so blessed with you ladies!!!

Shout Outs from Patty Lewis:

I would like to thank Kim Mauk, Courtney Wojno, and Allison Jones for helping out with Choir this year! The extra help is SO appreciated! Also, many, many thanks to the Specials team for being the best colleagues anyone could ask for! They are wonderful, helpful and supportive in so many ways. What a blessing to work with such a fabulous team every day!

Shout out to 4th grade from Coach Saettel:

I would like to thank the 4th grade team for their timeliness in dropping off/picking up their classes to/from specials. The fact that you come a few minutes before the end of class helps Mark, Patty, Alison, and I so much. It eliminates the confusion of having 2 entire grade levels in the corridor and allows us to start our next class on time without confusion and chaos. You guys are awesome!

Shout Outs from Rachel Hodges:

April- For always having a smile on her face!

Dawn- For being flexible with new things

Beverly- For staying on top of the bathroom schedule

@nisdchat on Sunday, September 28 Moderated by our very own Tami Rasberry and friends

YES! It's HERE and It's TIME!

#nisdchat - Sunday, September 28 at 8:30 p.m.

Chat moderators: Lisa Degnan, Tami Rasberry, Kari Abrams

We've been in school for several weeks, and the time has come for professional learning via Twitter. The following questions are designed to help ALL educators reflect on what we are doing and how what we are doing has impacted our schools and classrooms. Feel free to share photos of the evidence in your schools!

1. Would I want to be a learner in my school/classroom? Why?

2. What impact has learning targets had on your school/classroom?

3. How does your school/classroom look/sound/feel different from last year?

4. How do you share learning targets with your students in a way they will understand? How do you know? Send us a picture of a learning target you have used in your classroom?

5. In five words or less describe the culture/climate of your school/classroom. Ex. Place where student learning is genius.

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This Week on Twitter

With the Fall Premier of my Favorite TV Shows, I have fallen behind on my Twitter reading, but I did come across this article that you might enjoy from Edutopia. It's about Formative Assessments, Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

Mrs. Wingard's Class taking advantage of this week's beautiful weather!

#bynameandneed in Action!!

#bynameandneed even if that means connecting a 5th grade student to a 7th grade Pre AP math class at Medlin to meet his needs! Everyday this student participates virtually with his PAP class at Medlin. Lakeview and NISD doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our students.
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