Welcome to Alumni Board of AIESEC

AIESEC in Thapar University

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AIESEC in Thapar University is proud to have extremely experienced dignitaries as a part of our Alumni Board.

Now, you are a part of this Alumni Board and AIESEC in Thapar University is obliged to learn under your guidance.

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We Need Your Expertise !

  • You are great role models for the members and in a position to offer practical support to new members as they start their journey in AIESEC.
  • Your experience and knowledge can guide the new members and help the organization achieve new heights.
  • Its really our great pleasure to reconnect with you.
  • We expect you to help AIESEC in TU become bigger, stronger and more successful Local Committee.
  • Your contribution to AIESEC in TU has been immense.
  • We want you to reconnect and get back the feel of being an AIESECer.
  • We expect you to flow down the AIESEC culture and share your experiences and the stories.

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do.