2013 PAAS March Madness

Effective, Streamlined, & Efficient!

The Race Is On!

From now to the end of the month, the top person who capitalizes the most in $'s and the top person who capitalizes the most number of assets wins our "March Madness" competition!

Official Game Rules:

Game Time:

From Friday, Mar. 1st, 0:00:00 AM to Sunday, Mar. 31st, 11:59:59 PM


$150 Gift Card - Most $ Capitalized

$100 Gift Card - Most # of Assets Capitalized

$75 Gift Card - Leader's Choice

1) Capitalization will be strictly based on data in Symphony Fixed Assets.

2) Contestants may come in early, stay late, or even compete over the weekends!

3) Leader's Choice winner will be decided by management based on their criteria and discretion.

Take home the prizes and the glory!