Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics

Join us for STEM & Robotics CLUB each month at the Nevada Virtual Academy office.

STEM involves problem-based and performance-based activities. STEM involves students in solving real-world problems.Students of all ages need to learn how to solve problems.

Robotics -the science or technology of designing, building, and using robots. Each month we will also dive into the world of robotics!

STEM Events in Las Vegas Area in April and May.

Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival - http://www.lasvegassciencefestival.com/

February 12th STEM CLUB I LOVE STEM!

Construct a Heart Tower.
Have fun with STEM Robots.
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February 26th K-3 Robotics Club Night!

Create collaborative groups
First Robotics Challenge
Engineer tasks to create a Robot.
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What "Sparks" your interest?

Let me know what you topics you may be interested in studying during our club meetings.


Mrs. Kandace Smith & Mrs. Kathie Del Valle
STEM CLUB Coordinators

Nevada Virtual Academy
8965 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 330
Las Vegas NV 89123
702-407-1825 Ext 7110