World War 1: New Weapons

By Janessa Kuderer & Casey Urbanek


  • Machine Guns- fired many bullets very quickly
  • Mortar- small artillery used for close range
  • Tanks- used to help infantry attacks
  • Air crafts- Used to observe enemy, bomb and shoot troops from the air
  • Poison gas- caused blindness, and destroyed respitory system
  • Trenches- used to protect soldiers from artillary
  • Convoy system- used to slow down the destruction of ships by moving in large packs
  • Submarines- used to sink military ships

Evolution of the Tank

In 1899, the first tank was built. In contained two machine guns, with a bullet-proof casing, and engine, with Caterpillar tracks, which were used to handle the muddy terrain. After the invention of the first tank, different models were made by companies, using different types of weapons. The engine were also modified. The main gun was later placed at the front of the tank. The tank continued to be improved by fixing the engine in order to make the tank move faster, altering the outside to give the most protection, and by improving the weaponry inside.