Tiger Threat

by Sigmund Brouwer

Sample Paragraph

Written by: Sigmund Brouwer

Published by: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 1551436396

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grades: 6 & up

Awards: N/A


Tiger Threat is hands down one of the worst books I have ever read. It is written by Sigmund Brouwer and you never find out what the plot really is. It is supposed to be about Medicine hat Tiger Ray Hockaday and his thrive for professional hockey greatness and his russian friend only speaks russian and hiding something. During this story there are pointless talks with pointless characters and nothing stays together. Ray is supposed to be a big scoring player but he does not have good enough ability to hit someone this does not make sense that out of the time he spent playing hockey the new coach is the first one to notice this fault with him. The mystery about Vlad though his he is being chased down by the Russian Mafia and because he has a gold tooth where the value of the tooth is never shown. He grew up in an orphanage and his father was killed, though his father makes it necessary to leave his only child with the same problem that followed him. The book just never gets straightened up.

This book has not been acknowledged for any awards and has not even been nominated. This story brings tears to my eyes and not in a good way. Everyone and especially hockey fans will wish this book was never let on the shelves.

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