We Are Not Alone

By Paige Treviño

My theme statement

In "We Are Not Alone" the theme statement is how other people treat others poorly, because of their race or religion. The author Beatrice M. Murphy captured the pain other families had. Through my one pager I talk about this theme statement in my pictures text, examples, and key words.

Powerful Text

In the poem there are five key words that mean power and meaning in the author's mind. Those words to me are, suffer, hated, persecutions, race and religion. I chose these words because it shows the ill treatment or persecutions people had if they had a different race or religion, these people were hated and suffered.

Poetic Device: Theme

The poetic device in my poem is "We are not alone." because it captures the meaning of the text and the theme. This just shows you how badly treated some people were. People weren't only ill treated because of their skin, they also were from their religion.

Important lines

In the poem, "We Are Not Alone" these sentences/phrases stuck out to me, "No, other people suffer for their Race or religion" and "We are not alone.". This tells the reader that not only the people with different colored skin suffered, everyone with a different race did as well.
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