What's New In Room 33

Mr. Woodworth's Class

New Literature Groups

We started new literature groups for the month of December. I chose 4 short books and assigned each student to a group. Each Friday, I will be meeting with the groups to discuss their assigned reading pages. Please check with your child on Thursday to see if they are prepared to discuss.

Holiday Bizaar This Friday

The foundation is having a Holiday Bizaar this Friday. It is my understanding that there will be small items for sale. If you want, you can send some money with your child and they will have an opportunity to shop at 1:30.

Bike Ride this Friday

We will be doing our third bike ride of the year this Friday. Please have your child bring their bike and a helmet if they would like to join us.

Homework this week

Sorry I'm getting this out late. Here's what is due the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Lesson 35 math HW and Library books.

Thursday: Lesson 36 math HW

Friday: Lesson 37 math HW, Spelling packet, literature group work, spelling test.