6th grade technology

by: Maggie Tressler

Typing Web

  • Typing is a fun website to help you improve your typing with funny and serious sentences.
  • Everyday you have to come into class and be ready to do 5 minutes of typing.
  • Also you have to make sure you finish the intermediate course by the end of first quarter.


  • For the iTrailer you get to use your imagination to create a trailer.
  • Make sure your trailer has one idea that goes through the whole story.
  • I also learned that it is really cool to make some things move slo-mo or super fast.

Haiku deck

  • This website was super fun, you get to choose your dream job and explain it to the whole class.
  • Make sure that you list all true facts that are interesting for the rest of the class.
  • Also make sure that it is a job that your really interested in doing, because then it makes the project a whole lot more fun and cool.

Explain Everything

  • For this app you need to choose a math problem to explain to the teacher.
  • Make sure to pick a math problem at your level.
  • A cool feature is the laser finger and you can change it to be different shapes.

Career Locker

  • In this website you discover different jobs to do or look at.
  • It helps you also to figure out an idea of what college you want to go to.
  • I really liked it because you can discover all your interests.


  • Coding is a fun website because you figure out codes in a fun way.
  • You have to make sure and get through stage 6 and 7 to get a 3.0 on it.
  • To get a 4.0 you should try to get stage 8 or higher!