Little tigers in your houses!


What is their life cycle?

When the kittens are eight days old, their eyes begin to open. By ten days old they start opening their eyes. When they’re eleven days old, their eyes are wide open and they can hear a little bit. When kittens turn two weeks old, you can get them good homes.

How do kittens and cats play?

Kittens love to dig their claws into everything and climb with them. Kittens are so curious that whatever they find, they want to climb it or play with it. When kittens meet other animals for the first time, they can be scared or they’re really brave and they can hiss. Kittens can play with themselves instead of toys around the house. It might look like they are fighting but they are playing and practicing to hunt or fight. But they will not hurt each other.

What kinds of colors do they come in?

Some kittens can look alike but a little bit different. Cats come in many different colors. Some are striped, spotted, and some have short hair or long hair. It mainly depends on the parent. They can look like their mom or dad. Some can even have really short tails and some can have really long tails.