Room 205 News

Come learn about what we are exploring in our classroom.

Classroom Updates and Learning

This week has been packed full of learning for our friends in Room 205. One of the biggest changes that has happened is that they are starting to see themselves as readers. It has been such an exciting realization for many of them. They are begging to have special reading time. Ask your child about:

  • Our seed experiments.
  • Science in action...our metamorphosing caterpillars.
  • Exploring math...making six
  • Looking and sounding like readers
  • Choosing books at the libary in the stacks
  • Being a good friend
Please help encourage our children to be kind. This week, we have seen an increase in disagreements amongst our classroom family. Many factors seem to combine at this time of the year for everyone to be a little less tolerant of other's feelings...later bed times, nicer weather, different schedules, increased awareness and abilities, etc. I appreciate your continued support in helping us work together as a classroom family.

Upcoming Events

  • May 25: No School for Young Fives. This is our orientation date for next year's students to visit.
  • May 27: No School
  • May 30: No School for Memorial Day
  • June 10: Kindercub Picnic from 1-3 on our playground (look for more information to come home soon)
  • June 14: Half Day...dismissal at 11:15
  • June 15: Our last day of Kindercubs...dismissal at 11:15

Room 205 Kindercubs

  • Sandi Larkins, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa Smith, Instructional Aide
  • Donna Bassett, Instructional Aide

Donations Needed

  • Napkins for lunch and snack
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Black thin tip sharpie markers
  • Spoons
  • Sidewalk chalk