Robert Boyle

By Ashley Guerrero

Biographical info

Robert Boyle was born on January 25, 1627 in Lismore Castle, County Waterford, Ireland. Robert was born into a wealthy family, his parents were Richard Boyle the first earl of cork and his second wife Catherine the secretary of state for Ireland. He was known as the best philosopher in the chemist field and covered areas such as: Hydrostatics, physics, medicine, earth sciences, natural history, and alchemy.


  • Robert began his education at the age of eight at Eton college near Windsor & Berkshire
  • Tour with tutor Isaac Marcombes in Geneva


Boyle's Law: Relation concerning compression and expansion of a gas at constant temperatures
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The Ideal Gas Law: Crash Course Chemistry #12


  • Spent 1652-54 in Ireland overseeing hereditary lands
  • Was invited to Oxford
  • Exposed to latest development in natural philosophy, became associated with John Wilkins, Christopher Wren, and John Locke