The Rip Ride Rocket

By Crazy Monkey inc.

Why Ours Is Better

Our roller coaster pushes the boundaries of what is possible. when the inspector first looked at our design we were told that I't be borderline impossible. But here at Crazy monkey inc. we we are all about the impossible! Using our super duper smart engineering skills we made not One not Two but Three upside down loping sections. Also did i mention that our roller coaster is the most cost effective design on the planet? Our secret? Recycled Styrofoam. We here At Crazy monkey inc. Believe that the model should be made out of the same material at the actual Roller Coaster.
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Part 1

Type of motion: acceleration

Type of forces: gravity, tension, normal, friction Types of energy: Kinetic, thermal,, potential

Part 2

Types of motion: Acceleration

Types of forces: gravity, friction, normal

Types of energy: Potential, kinetic, thermal

Part 3

Types of motion: acceleration

Types of forces: Gravity

Types of energy: Thermal, kinetic, potential