gut hits himself with hammer

immature little kid

Zach McMahon

a long time ago there was a little kid by the name of zach who was up to no good doing anything that keept him ocupied even if it was hitting anything with a hammer only being 5 years old he didnt really know what he was doing with the hammer one day he was out the back yard hitting a wooden object with his steal hammer just hitting and hitting it continuesly untill he ended up hitting himself in the head with his back swing spliting his head open he ran crying to his patrents only being 5 years old he didnt reralise why he was in so much pain his parents where freaking out trying to get an answer out of the little kid but they couldnt get anything so they took him down to campbelltown hospital to get looked at he waited 5-10 minutes finally getting looked at the doctor knew he needed stitches 20 minute wait he eneds up leaving with a sore head and 5 stitches in his head everyone fealing realived everything is ok and that ends the day.