Rite-Hite Bulletin RH-12-15-004

Rite-Hite Leveler Stored Interlock - Design Enhancements

Rite-Hite Products Corporation is pleased to announce that the optional leveler stored interlock switch kit has been replaced with a proximity sensor kit. This design enhancement is a direct result of Rite-Hite working with our customers to improve our products. The new proximity sensor design senses the dock leveler lip instead of utilizing a mechanical lever arm to activate the switch. It is also fully compatible with the PitMaster seal design and senses the lip through the PitMaster fabric.

New orders promised to ship after 12/7/15 will ship with the new proximity style sensor kit, and new dock levelers will have an additional mounting plate welded in place from the factory. Orders already scheduled to ship will continue to ship with the previous 18325 limit switch kit. Aftermarket also has the new 148184 proximity switch kit available for retrofits.

Installation Instructions and Wiring

The Installation Instructions (drawing 0148271) cover the installation of the new leveler stored kit in all situations - retrofit or new equipment installation. These instructions will ship with the complete kit as shown in the 0148272 drawing. Please note there are differences in the mounting for a welded/spooled lip, versus a Safe-T-Lip.

The new proximity sensor is a powered sensor - requiring 3 wires instead of 2 wires. COM (white), 12VDC (blue), and NO (black) wires are used form the standard 4 conductor wire cable (1 wire is unused). The attached drawing SK-3120 shows wiring of the old switch, compared to the new switch.

Click on the attached Dropbox link to access the above referenced drawings.

Rite-Hite Products Corporation

Troy Bergum - Product Manager

Ted Feltmeyer - Director of Technical Support