Get a Jump on Your July!!!!

Dot Dollars, Hoopla, and The Fall 2013 Collection Launch!

First- Lets look back at June

June was an incredible month for our team with a lot of exciting promotions!!!!

Look at who promoted!





Congrats to everyone who promoted! I personally want to thank our entire team for all of their hard work in June. Promotions are a team effort and so many of you worked so hard this month, so everyone should be celebrated!!!

Top 10 In Sales

Katie Bullen -$9582

Molly Baker- $6553

Brigit Canle- $4004

Kristine Wynn- $3488

Nicola Marson- $2993

Stephanie Lawing- $2883

Mary MaClellan- $2704

Mariel Kelly- $2544

Doreen Principe- $2520

Caroline Hudson -$1971

DOT DOLLARS- Emails will be sent out to your customers who earned Dot Dollars Wednesday morning!

It's almost time for your customers to redeem their Dot Dollars! In order to help you service your customers during the redemption period (July 3 – 11), here are 4 helpful tips!

  1. Dot Dollars - Jewelry Edition promo codes can be redeemed on JEWELRY ONLY.Dot Dollars cannot be redeemed on bags, scarves, and other non-jewelry items!

  2. Your Customers Need to Spend a Minimum of $50 on Jewelry in Order to Redeem Each $25 Dot Dollar Promo Code. A box will display during checkout indicating how much your customer needs to spend on jewelry in order to redeem her Dot Dollars.

  3. Place Dot Dollar Redemption Orders on Behalf of Your Customers in the Stylist Lounge: Simply place an order like you normally would and enter your customers’ Dot Dollar promo codes in the ‘promo code’ field!

  4. Dot Dollars Customer Report at Your Fingertips: On July 3rd, you will receive an email with your customers' names, email addresses and Dot Dollar promo codes. This report will also be available for you in the Stylist Lounge!

Tip! Dot Dollars is a great away to reconnect with your customers and book your next Trunk Show! Our Hostess Style


Monday, July 15th 2013 at 9am

3411 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV

It is not too late to join us for Hoopla!! You can still register until July 5th!! Why not invest in your business? Stylists who attend hoopla leave with a 60% higher activity rate than stylists that don't attend! There are still hotel rooms and cheap flights available! Please call or email me if you want to talk about attending!

Fall Collection Launch

Our fall collection will be revealed at hoopla on July 15th. Stylists who attend Hoopla will be able to order that evening. All other stylists can place their order on July 17th! The new fall collection will be available to customers on Friday July 19th!!!

Please know that Stylists who have not sold over $250 over the past 3 months COMBINED will not be able to order samples at the 50% off discount!

Check out the lounge for product images to help you book Debut Trunk Shows in July!

Coaching Call Sign up for week of July 8th

Please click on the link below to sign up for 1:1 training calls!