Biome Technology Project

"Tundra"-Erika Maldonado


There are animals in the tundra living in a harsh environment. The most dangerous animal in the tundra is a polar bear. They love fresh food. In the summer they eat berries and etc....They can smell there food 20 miles away. Predator of the tundra are arctic fox and wolves . Animals that live in the tundra have special adaption to survive.


It is cold and dry. It has a little bit of rainfall.It rains less than ten inches a year. Winters in the tundra are long. They have small summer.Sometimes it might last 6-10 weeks. In the winter the temperature can be -50 º F (-45.5 º C). The summer days are 24 hours long. Summer temperature can get up at 50 º F (10ºC). The soil becomes very soggy from the melted snow and rain.The bottom layer they stay frozen all year.