Rob zombie back!!!!!!!!!!

By Huntington moore


He plays on 87.7 the river and is going on tour in a two to 7 of months and then he will be singing. Rock fast is where he is mostly going to sing but is making a new album. If he ask his brumer why his brother laft the band he would say he was faired.
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This is him on his 2 album he was just 39 years old
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He is reatty to go on stage on rockfast for 2007

In his erly life.

This erly life he would be in a lot of trouble with his brother for fiteing. His brother is spiter one and he dropped out how witte zombie. What he was 34 to 36 years old he became a film director and producer a film in 1 year of macking. He is still a film and musishin to this day.

His wife and him