The Elevator

A improvement of getting to places.


Do you ever get tired of going up stairs? To get to another floor or need to get heavy things up to another floor of a building well this is the solution, with the elevator. What is an elevator you ask, it is an platform that goes up and down by a series ropes, cables, gears, and a motor. Who can use it? anyone can use the elevator if you are tired, you can use it to get up to your room. Construction Workers can use it for heavy loads. It can also be placed in buildings. The only thing you need to do is pull a lever or push a button and it will go up or down. An interesting fact a elevator was use to build the Woolworth building in London. I hope that everyone will come to like the elevator.
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My reflection on this is that it was fun invention to learn and I learned a lot about it. some of the stuff I learned about is that elevator go all the way to the 1800s and were improved even more over the years. In conclusion, the elevator was use for many of things.