Social Security Act


Basic Questions

  • Who was the program intended to help?

New Deal program that helped disabled, unemployed, and Americans over age of 65 years.

  • What was this program intended to do?
The Program guarantees a monthly check for the citizen who has a Social Security.

  • Does this program fall under the Relief, Recovery, or Reform program of Roosevelt's New Deal?
The Social Security Act falls in the reform program.

  • How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis?
I believe that this program was pretty successful at relieving the economic crisis, because citizens did receive good care when the Civil War/Great Depression happened.

  • How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?
The Social Security Act helped highly during the Great Depression because many people lost their life savings in the stock market crash, and helped the poor which was a large group of the old. Social Security gave them a monthly pension so that they would guaranteed income to life off of at that time.

  • Does this program still exist today?
Still exist today, but the success in future is questionable since funds are depleting. There has been change because of the fact that the funds have changed from back then to now and will keep changing in the future. Also because there are many types of new forms that the Social Security helps you on nowadays.
Social Security: The Greatest Government Policy of All Time?

3 Major Highlights & Summary

  • Largest and most successful goverment policy in the history of the United States.
  • Social Security gives to retired workers, familys of decesed workers, dissabled Americains and their familys.
  • Social Security has eliminated the vast majority of elderly poverty.
The program is responsible for reliveing 22 million Americains out of poverty. The Social Security is one of the most effective antipoverty program in the history of this country. Some people are affraid that Soial Security would go bankrupt which is true because baby boomers will take money, but that wouldnt be a reason to remove Social Security because it has made lot of good impacts thoughout its existance.